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The Perfect Match

Superior Horse auction is your trusted source for buying top-quality horses. We have been in the horse-selling business for over 3 generations and know what it takes to make a successful horse and rider team. We are here to make your experience of buying your dream horse safe and simple.  We understand how hard it is to find a good horse in this market and want to make your buying experience a wonderful one.  Whether you are new to the horse industry, or an old veteran, our experienced staff will work hard for you.  Our goal is to help make your experience Superior Horse Auction an enjoyable one.  We are a wonderful asset to sellers for marketing quality horses and we always have a nice selection of horses to fit all aspects of the horse industry for buyers. If you’re new to the auction process or don’t prefer the auction process please shoot us an email at superiorhorseauction@gmail.com with what you’re looking for and your budget and we will help match you to an appropriate horse!